Instant money Daily Rs10 All PayTm Number (Loot Lo)

 It’s Available for Unlimited Net + SMS Pack Users 

1. Fast Download the app Download

2. Then install this app

3. Not register the app

4. Only install

5.Then Download Apps Download

6.And install This app And open The app

7. Now open 1st app & Register

8. Now click On the Coin Symbol

9. Now click on GET 10,000* COINS NOW

10. Now click Next you will see this app sending auto 100 SMS
from your mobile. (what’s you get with the unlimited Pack)

12. After Successfully Sent all SMS you will get 10,000 Coin = 10 Rs

13. Click on coin Symbol and Transfer the coins to Your Paytm.
(Which Number you Use to Register the ROPOSO App.
you can also change the mobile number.)

14. Voila! You get the Money Instant-on Your Paytm.

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