Paytm Full KYC : ⇓⇓

 If You Are a Paytm BC Agent then Follow the Steps : 

  1. Update your Paytm Golden Gate Apps.
  2. Open The Golden Gate App and log in or TAP on  Individual Offerings 
  3. Now TAP on  KYC & Savings Account 
  4. Then Enter Customer Paytm Mobile Number.
  5. Now tell the Paytm customer to call 0120-4872331
    the Paytm customer also getting an SMS.
  6. The Paytm customer has to call the Number And Press 1 for Language and again Press 1 for wallet Upgrade.
  7. if the  Paytm customer doesn’t complete the calling process then you unable to do his KYC/Savings Account. (6 Attempts allowed for the Day)
    After the Paytm user confirmation, you can do his KYC / Savings Account.
  8. it Will Asks for Paytm Users Aadhaar Card Number.
    Enter The Aadhaar Number of the Paytm Customer.
  9. Now Connect you Fingerprint Scanner and Scan The Paytm Customer Finger
  10. Now Fill The Other Details like Father Name, Mother Name, Address, etc,
  11. You have to click on Yes Button of Savings Account.
  12. Choose nominee or Skip this. And Scan this Customer Finger Second Time.
  13. Now Successfully Upgraded Your Account.
    it Will effected within 15 minutes.

 If You Are A Customer then Follow The Steps : 

  1. Open the Paytm App and Register or Login The Paytm App.
  2. Now TAP on  KYC  which showing on near Passbook options in Paytm App.
  3. Then enter Your Details – Aadhaar Card Number, Your Name, etc.
  4. Now You can see an option of  Nearby KYC Point on this Page.
  5. TAP on  Nearby KYC Point 
  6. Then Visit The Near Paytm KYC point and they will Complete the Process.

Paytm Minimum KYC : ⇓⇓

  1. Open The Paytm MINI-KYC Page on Chrome Browser Only 
    Click here to Visit The Page
  2. Now Submit your non-KYC Paytm Registered number.
  3. Verify and Logging Through OTP.
  4. Now Just Enter Any other Government ID Proof Number.
  5. Click on submit Button and Submit the details on Paytm